7 ways improv skills helped me settle into my new city

  1.  I dare to surrender to the unknown and explore it. Feeling the fear but knowing I’m supported.

  3. I tried something for the first time. That’s how on a Thursday night I found myself blending in with the Kung Fu peeps. (ok not really blending in, but more on that in another bullet point)

  5. (Oh it’s this bullet point already) When I fell down flat on my butt after I underestimated the shift of weight to my foot when I attacked my partner in that Kung Fu class, I could laugh, look my partner straight into his eyes and rise up again in my power.
    Actually I’m still laughing and would love to see that non existing video.

  7. When the Kung Fu clan asked me to join them for a drink afterwards, I said YES and had a great night with all these people I didn’t know before.

  9. I keep on speaking my perfectly imperfect French, enjoying the occasional fail. Like when I ordered a grapefruit juice and the barman said it was zero.1 euro. I thought I must’ve misunderstood that and requested paying by card. When I saw the 10 cents on the screen, I realized he was flirting and I totally wasn’t aware. Girlishly I smiled at the man and the situation, loving the humor in “failing”.

  11. In the peaceful traffic Brussels is known for, I…
    A. choose my direction in a convinced way. No matter the amount of honking I’m getting.
    B. talk to myself in a way like: it’s ok hun, you’re doing great! How awesome that you wanted to turn left and at the last second decided to turn right. You badass. Can you just hear how everyone is digging your attitude? –horns going wild

  1. I (try to) find the balance between taking action and letting things happen. Allowing stillness after the move. Trusting the process.
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