Burn the Books, Baby!

You know the answer.


Do you believe it when you read this?


Because I believe you do.


Burn the books.
One of our teachers told us during our teacher training.
It resonated with me on a deeper level, even though I’m possibly the biggest book lover on this planet.


Stop studying. Right. Now.
Was the second advice the ayurvedic doctor in Zurich gave me. (the first one you find here)
He looked me straight in the eyes without even blinking, to really convey his words. Not even once did he look at the time during our conversation. As if time was stopped right there and then in order for me to let this powerful message sink in.


And it did.
I haven’t read a book since then.


It’s not like I’m never going to read anything again. But the last four years I’ve been studying non stop. The human body, mind and soul are a big passion of mine and that study is endless. There are thousands of techniques to meditate, to relax, to become healthy. Books, workshops, online articles, Youtube video’s,… it’s easy to burry yourself underneath the amount of information.


And I guess a big part of our stress today is just that – an overload of input.
An “underload” of time to process.
While we want to get out of our heads more, we keep on overfeeding them.
To use the words of Alanis Morisette: isn’t it ironic?

All this input – think also food, social media, news flashes and text messages – can play us like puppets on a string without a core.
We feel lost and we seek more input to “guide” us.
While all we need is just a little less input.
Time to breathe and listen to our feelings.


During my travels in Asia, I could sit in awe listening to the people there explaining life in such a simple way.
And I deeply believe it is much more simple than we make it to be.
The old sages learned from observation. And thank god for their valuable teachings. But let us make more time to observe it too. Without the internet, without a book, without a teacher.
Time to learn from one another, from nature and from ourselves. Let’s not just believe every teacher, book or article. But dig into our own wisdom.


Less input

More output.

Less caring about what other people think

More feeling what we need.


Whether it’s the food that’s good for you, the place you want to live, the things that give you energy or the next step you need to take in life…


Deep down you know the answer.
Only you do.

Do you believe me?
(Or do you believe you?)




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