How we use social media

It’s all about you
And it’s not about you.

I just took a 10 day social media break again.
And oh I just love this time to fly higher in silence and looking at my life from a distance.

This time it made me ponder (again) on the show we put up on these social platforms.
It’s like we all have our own channel now to show stuff. That’s a pretty cool opportunity if you think about it.

Here’s your stage, show your talent!

In earlier days we had to pay for this. Now everyone can start and let their creativity go wild.
But let’s be honest, we don’t always use this opportunity in the best way. Why not? I guess it’s quite hard not to get caught up in the “how do I come across” trap.

In a way it’s all about you more than ever.
But in another way we lost the sense of it being really all about us.
What makes us feel good? When are we most in tune with ourselves?

It’s all about you
And it’s not about you.

How easy it is to lose yourself on this empty road of approval.
But how empty
How empty.

I’ll tell you again that I’m excited about the opportunities that social media bring us.
But I also see how they work as a magnifying glass for our need to be liked.
The need we can only fulfill from the inside out.
By connecting to ourselves and doing what brings us joy. Just for the sake of it.
To give our soul the expression it’s longing for.
Not to crave likes. But to like and love! l

I will definitely keep on taking these refreshing breaks from social media.
To then honor them as the opportunity they are.

Here’s to a playful and connected year!

How are you going to play it?

Sophie Snoeckx
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