Moving into the Unknown

Wow you guys,

I just got off of a roller coaster.

Let me take you back to the end of May.
For a longer period then I wanted to move out of Antwerp, the city I was born and raised in.
Zurich played on my mind and as you know, I explored that place for one week.


Side note: it might sound weird, but it’s kind of hard to chose where you want to live, when it’s all up to you. When there’s no job offer, no lover or anything. How do you decide on that when there’s not one city that you feel particularly drawn to? Do you go for love at first sight? Or is that love something that has to grow and are your expectations the real danger?


Well as beautiful as Zurich is, I decided to stay a little closer to my family and friends. I also wanted a bit less perfect, and more “raw”. All of that and an international vibe.

So there on my vision board in the end of May I drew BRUSSELS.


I immediately informed my landlords about that idea, so we could already start looking for someone to take over my place. The first of August, we agreed, the next person could move in.


But then I saw this announcement of a friend of mine that told she was looking for a cat and plant sitter in Brussels, starting from the 21st of June until the 13th of August.
THIS WAS A GREAT CHANCE, I immediately thought.
Next thing I knew my mind went like this:
“Hold your horses dear, then you’re still renting your place for one month without being there. That’s a total waste of money. Ok, how about you put your best game on and try to rent your place from July on already?”
As flexible and awesome as my landlords are, they were ok with it.


When I put the pictures of my place online the next day, I was amazed of how fast things went. The day after already three people came to take a look.
One woman in particular stroke me, because she fell so head over heals with the apartment. So this how love at first sight looks like huh?
I fell in love with that love and really wanted her to have the place.
Two days later, my landlord knocked on my door…
The deal was done, my apartment was rented out. Within three weeks I would be in Brussels.


I was overwhelmed with emotions. Happy on one side (I did it, it worked! I asked the Universe for Brussels and there it was right on my plate.) but scared on the other side (I was leaving the only place I had ever lived, packing for the big Unknown.)


As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in the apartment Brussels.
I made a decision and went all in for it. What a ride!
It wasn’t easy, but it felt like the right fear to follow.


You’ve probably heard that follow the fear line? (It’s your wallpaper on your computer, isn’t it, you coolio?)
I always found it difficult to know what fear to follow. But as they say with finding the right man – you just know when it’s the one.







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Reply 27/06/2016

Om in te kaderen!
" I always found it difficult to know what fear to follow. But as they say with finding the right man – you just know when it’s the one."

Zo had ik het nog niet bekeken.

    Sophie Snoeckx
    Reply 27/06/2016

    Oh merci, Ester!!


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