My Future Husband is a Robot

Recently a magazine interviewed me about the Social Media Detox I did a few months back.
I decided then to only use Facebook on Mondays for a few weeks. The effect? I saw more clearly what the next steps in my life were and acted upon them. A simple detox like that, sharpened my focus at a time I needed it most.
But now I find myself again scrolling mindlessly through Facebook or other websites from time to time. Why oh why do we do that? Are there subconscious processes at work here?
I’m grateful for that interview to make me more aware again of my online behavior.
In two years I turn 30. Whilst looking at my high school pictures, I can still imagine myself going to school tomorrow. But hey, I’m a full grown up now. (Officially at least. Is it playtime yet?)
My point is: time is running.
Howe says:


“What a folly to dread the thought of throwing away life at once, and yet have no regard to throwing it away by parcels and piecemeal.”


Mr Howe, I totally agree with you here.

I don’t think we realize all that well how fast things around us are actually changing. Did you know that by 2029, computers will be able to understand our language, learn from experience and outsmart even the most intelligent humans?? That’s what Ray Kursweil, Google’s director of engineering announced.
They even say we will have relationships with robots. (Wait a minute there. Dear god. Please let me find my man before this happens, because this totally scares me.)
RULE YOUR MIND OR IT WILL RULE YOU, as our dear Buddha said.
Just like we have to learn how to use the biocomputer of our mind, we have to find our strategy for using technology.
Otherwise I’m sure that technology WILL overrule us!!


We can set up technology in a way to create more free time, in stead of letting it eat our time as if it were chocolate chip cookies.


So here I am, like a smoker who has to “quit” 3 times before he really quits, I’m more dedicated then ever to regain my focus and waste less time.
— Earth to Sophie, earth to Sophie —
Let’s start by looking at my smartphone behavior. I used to be slightly jealous when I saw people with an old Nokia.
But now I’ve made up my mind: I love the advantages that my Iphone brings me. I would be literally lost without it. (Props to GoogleMaps)
When I’m with other people though, you won’t catch me looking at my phone a lot. I also put it on flight modus half an hour before going to bed to only turn it back on after I meditated and reflected a bit in the morning. That gives me a peaceful night’s rest and it helps me to keep my ideas and goals clear and to not get overwhelmed by everyone else’s “ideas”. Besides that I also don’t get many notifications on my Iphone. Only those from Instagram and Whatsapp. The real big Whatsapp groups I’ve put on silent, so I can check them twice a day.
Then there’s my computer use. The “Only Monday” method was great for a short period, but I don’t want to implement it all the time. Maybe the opposite would work: one day a week no social media? Or using the application SelfControl again, where I can block Facebook for the time I like. That way I can be more conscious about my use.
What already works for me is going to a coffee shop without asking the WIFI password. I love the focus I have there.
I don’t get an overload of emails, so that’s not a big problem for me. What I did was unsubscribing to all the unwanted emails. That changes a lot! Tim Ferris, author of the 4 Hour Workweek swears by only checking his email twice a day. It increases his productivity tremendously and his clients are happy. If you want to know more on how on earth he can manage that, you can check it here.
Maybe something like that would also work for social media.
A lot of different possibilities. I’ll keep you posted on the ones that work best for me. Let’s make sharp choices. The force is with us!

What are techniques you already use to keep your focus?

Sophie Snoeckx
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Reply 05/04/2016

Great post :)
The most efficient step towards more focus and peace of mind for me was to cancel my TV-subscription. I still watch series, almost daily. But I had the habbit of coming home, turning my TV on "as background" and then getting distracted from the other stuff I had to do. I also discovered that, by removing the opportunity to get news the easy way, I have to look for it now. Giving me way more perspective and angles on especially global events. I couldn't live without my smartphone either, but I often turn it off completely for a couple of hours or even a whole day, mostly sundays. During that time I also keep my laptop turned off.

    Sophie Snoeckx
    Reply 05/04/2016

    Thanks, Alexander!!

    I love your Screenless Sunday. :) Thanks for sharing. xx


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