Stay Awake with Black Mirror

Have you ever experienced how some shows, films or books have the capability of waking you up a little?

To me Black Mirror is definitely on that list.
It’s a British anthology series around themes that examine modern society.
Caution: it might bring up fears you didn’t even know you had.
Why would you want to bring those up, I hear you think? Because fears could live in your subconscious mind, which means they could influence your life without you being aware of it. Once we shine a light on them, they can move along. “What you resist, persists.”, to say it with the great words of Carl Jung.


So what do we see when we look into “the Black Mirror”?
Here are a few examples.

In episode “Nosedive” a woman lives her life trying to please everyone to get good rates from them in return. Her fake smile and fake life creep me out.

onderwerp van de foto

In episode “The Entire History of You” we see how people have “grains” implanted behind their ear, recording everything they experience. These grains allow them to review memories in front of their eyes or project them on a screen.
Today a friend told me that Sony is working on lenses that can do exactly that! What could the consequences be for life as we know it?
onderwerp van de foto

The last episode I watched, “San Junipero”, took me to an alternate universe. In the “city” of San Junipero people party hard and are so eager to FEEL a lot. Their hunger to experience life to the fullest is unstoppable.

People can visit this alternate universe until midnight. The visit is realized through a chip on their head that makes them think they are there. Everything feels super real. (think virtual reality)
After that they go back to their real lives, where they’re old and sad. But when they die in real life they get an option to stay in San Junipero and live there in eternity.


Again Black Mirror succeeded in giving me the chills.

It inspires me to go fearlessly for my dreams and feel every moment. Now and here.

As dark as the show might be at times, the effect it has on me is totally positive. Sometimes we need a little darkness to remind us of our light.
Charlie Brooker, the genius behind Black Mirror, encourages us to stay awake. No “sleeping” your days away behind screens and counting down for the weekend.
Life is far too precious for that.

I totally recommend this series.
The only advice: don’t watch it before you go to bed.
Cause it will wake you up!




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