Why I love…

Meeting new people

(This is starting to feel a bit like a Sound of Music song, isn’t it?)

Making love
Doing things I’ve never done before

There’s only one reason.
These things make me feel ALIVE.


“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.” ~Joseph Campbell


Doing things that make you come alive, makes you forget your story of past and future. It takes you out of your small mind, into your body, into the NOW. The only place where life is happening.

That’s also why I love improvisation as a life style. As much as we want to control life, that’s not in the option menu next to extra mayonnaise. So you’d better not be afraid of the unknown and start to love how it keeps you awake and alert.

How can you practice this?
There’s this rule in improvisation theatre of saying ‘YES’. Only then can you buckle up for the fun ride.
Say YES more often and see how adventures and new activities open your mind and fire up your soul.

Also make a list of the things you already know do the – coming alive – tric with you.
My list hangs up next to my bed and every morning I take a glance at it.
I integrate these things in my daily life as often as possible.
Because like Buddha said: the problem is we think we have time.

There’s something I recently discovered: I don’t care about what it is that you do in your life.
I only care about you having the full experience of being alive.

It’s great to see how contagious aliveness is.
That’s also what I love about interviewing passionate people: to see that fire in their eyes. It takes me to the essence. Without them knowing it, they fill my energy tank right up.

Feeling alive makes you happy.
Being happy is, in my opinion, the purpose of life. Love flows effortlessly out of this state of being.
While working the other way around can be more of a struggle. Hell, we can’t all be Mother Teresa.

What makes YOU come alive?
Please share your list, I would love to hear it!

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